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Shingari’s School of Rhythm Chicago was launched in September 2014 by Chinu Thomas. We offer weekly classes for Boys, Girls and Adults ages 5 & up in Westmont & Des Plaines area. Our Chicago students performs at many cultural programs organized by Elite community organizations, churches & schools. They have won many prizes for cinematic Bollywood Dance at prestigious competitions in the Chicago area! Join our talented group of students today!

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Phone number - 630-863-4984

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Class Locations

Westmont: Dynamic Perception Dance - 766 Burr Oak Dr. Westmont, IL.

Des Plaines AMA dance and Music 216 Graceland Ave. Des Plaines, IL.

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Leadership Team

Chinu Thottam

Founder & Director

Chinu Thottam is a well-known dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, actress, and an event anchor in the Indian community nationwide. She is trained in Bharathanatyam, Kuchipuddi, Mohiniyatam, Folk & Bollywood Cinematic dance styles. She has started dancing at the age of five, during her school years she has won many awards at youth festivals district and state levels. She has performed, choreographed, and coordinated many cultural events locally and nationally. As a full time Nurse Practioner and full time mom, Chinu pursued Shingari's School of Rhythm in Chicago to share her passion for dance with children and adults with the motive to give maximum stage opportunity for performers.

Fiona Edat


Fiona Edat had the privilege of learning dance at the budding age of five and has been upholding the talent for the past 18 years. In addition to receiving her Bharatanatyam Arangetrum in 2009, she has acquired skills in mohiniyattam, kuchipodi, semi-classical, folk, Bollywood, hip-hop, ballet, and other western-styles of art form. In her spare time, she hones in on her other creative outlets by working on her fashion and lifestyle blog called, The Upmarket, writing for Saffluence (a South Asian online magazine) and Couture Goes Corporate (another online magazine focused on the working woman), and, of course, teaching dance. She is currently a Project Manager at a healthcare IT firm called, The Advisory Board Company.

Anisha Thotam


Anisha Thotam has been dancing from the age of six and has a passion for it since she saw her sister practicing. She took a break during middle school but rediscovered her passion and has been dancing every chance she gets. Anisha has experience in Bharathanatyam, Bollywood Cinematic, and Kathak. She enjoys working with kids as she is a volunteer tutor in the program Study Buddies at Glenview Youth Services and loves helping others. She hopes to pass her passion for dance to other kids while teaching.

Geeva George


Geeva started her dance training at the age of 6, and she is trained in Bharathanatyam , cinematic, western style dances under well know teachers , Prinitha Jain, Lalu Palamattam & Thomas Ottakunnel. She also took classes at York High School in modern, jazz and theater. She was a choreographer and dancer for York's dance club during her Senior year in HS. She pursues her passion for dance by performing at church events, weddings and Stage shows. She is excited to be apart of Shingari's School of Rhythm here in Chicago and hope to make an impact on our dancers!

Maryann K


Maryann has been professionally trained in dance for over 15 years. She has learned a variety of styles of dance from Bharatanatyam to folk dance, devotional dance to cinematic and even western styles such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern. Maryann performed her Arangetram the year of 2011 from the Nrithyanjali School of Dance under Smt. Sushmitha Arunkumar. She was also part of a professional intercollegiate dance group named Chicago Dhamaal. All in all, she believes dancing is not just about movements and how perfect they are, it is about expressing yourself and that is why she loves to dance.

Gipty Thomas


Gipty began her initial training in Bharata Natyam, Folk, Cinematic, Margam Kali, and Western at the age of three from Guru Thomas Ottukunnel of Chicago, IL. She received advanced training in Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohiniattam from Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Shetty-Ahjua, one of the greatest Kuchipudi masters in the United States. Gipty also received training in Cinematic from Mrs. Asha Joseph of Chicago, IL. She has choreographed dances since the age of 15, as well as founded the school dance team during her high school freshman year. Gipty has performed nationally and received numerous awards.

Sarah Anil


Sarah started dancing at the age of 5 years and completed her arangetram in 2005 under her Guru Ms, Divya Nirmala . She is trained in Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Folk, Bollywood/cinematic and hip hop styles . She has won many awards for her dances at district and state levels in India. She loves working with kids and hopes to share her passion for dance with them.