Award-Winning National Bollywood Dance Classes

bollywood dancingSince 2008, Shingari’s School of Rhythm has been inspiring dance students across the nation to become their very best, guiding them to learn both the spirit and technique of Bollywood dance, regardless of age. From Houston to Los Angeles to Chicago, our dance school has become an award-winning family with more than 15 locations nationwide.

Our Success

We understand first and foremost that no two students are alike, and there is so much more to dance than technique. Because of these realizations, we put more passion, dedication, and personalized attention into every class than you will see in other dance schools in the nation. We judge our success, not only when a student can execute a certain dance with perfection, but when they are enthusiastic about what they are doing and have a true joy that only dance can bring.

Bollywood dance classesOur Goal

While it is important for children and adults to learn the moves and dances, it is equally important for us to preserve the Indian culture. We do this every day by respecting the foundations, technique, and classical style of traditional Bollywood dance, without forgetting that each dancer is unique and needs to put their own spin on their training. Our goal is to promote and preserve our culture without forgetting the individual, and create a classroom environment that is engaging, challenging, and fun.

Our Locations

Shingari’s School of Rhythm has grown from a single dance studio run by Shingari herself to more than 15 locations (and growing) throughout the nation. We do believe Indian dance should be enjoyed by all, and so we are happy to help people start their own School of Rhythm in their own city. Currently, we have franchise locations in:

  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • The San Francisco Bay Area
  • Chicagoland

If you are interested in starting a Bollywood dance studio in your city, contact us today! Our team will help guide you toward making a successful first step toward changing lives and preserving the Indian culture in your area.

bollywood dancersOur Events

Not only do we pride ourselves on developing our students’ God-given talents, but we also have highly-trained Bollywood dancers who book events and perform on stages across the world. Contact us to learn more about our events and what we can do to add a little flavor to your next event.

Bollywood Indian dancing is a dance craze that is becoming one of the hottest, most popular genres in the industry. Find out how you could be a part of this sensational experience and book your event, sign up for classes, or call us for more information today!