As our previous blogs have mentioned, Bollywood dancing is a popular dance style that has gained momentum as an exciting way to have fun and stay in shape. As a provider of amazing Bollywood dance classes, Shingari’s School of Rhythm strives to get dancers of all ages into the rhythm and wonder of Bollywood dancing. While our involved classes are enjoyed by all, it’s also enjoyable to see professionals Bollywood dancers on the big screen. Today, we’ll look at a few of the best Bollywood dance films in recent history. If you’re into this dancing craze, you’ll definitely enjoy the movement and beauty of the world’s best Indian dance professionals. The dance scenes in these films will get you moving!

Chikni Chameli

A popular dance routine that is the life of any party, Farah Khan’s expert choreography provides a fun, flirty experience in this film’s must-see dance theme. Supplementing the action thriller Agneepath with beauty and wonder, this scene can be summarized as a stand for female power as Katrina Kaif’s catchy routine controls the men around her. This Bollywood dance expert promotes female empowerment while showing off stunning moves and bumping beats. If this doesn’t get you moving, we don’t know what will!

Chamma Chamma

Coming from the classic 90s hit China Gate, this film brings a traditional feel to the modern Bollywood dance movement. Visually stunning and incredibly catching, this dance number features large group sequences and classic movements. While not as earth-shattering of a movie as it’s contemporaries, China Gate is revered for Alka Yagnik’s beautiful rendition of Indian tribal dance.

Dola Re Dola

Featured in 2002’s film Devdas, this dance routine brings the best visual and audio elements into Bollywood dancing. Choreographer Saroj Khan cites her inspiration for this number as a combination of beautiful movements taken from Bharatnatyam and Kathak dance styles. While difficult to master, the result was a dynamic and seamless dance routine that brought the best elements of movement and imagery. Featuring two Bollywood stars, Dola Re Dola is sure to get your foot tapping and kickstart your desire to dance!

The sheer number of amazing Bollywood films released every year makes it impossible to compile a comprehensive list of the best routines. While these three films are good starting points for watching the beauty and action of Indian dance, they are only the starting point for a wide range of cinematic adventures. If you’re looking to sign up for Bollywood dance classes, you’re in the right place! Shingari’s School of Rhythm is the best place for teaching dancers of all ages and skill levels the art of Bollywood dancing. Contact us today to find a studio near you and to sign up!