1. Influential Bollywood Dancing Scenes In Cinema

    As our previous blogs have mentioned, Bollywood dancing is a popular dance style that has gained momentum as an exciting way to have fun and stay in shape. As a provider of amazing Bollywood dance classes, Shingari’s School of Rhythm strives to get dancers of all ages into the rhythm and wonder of Bollywood dancing. While our involved classes are enjoyed by all, it’s also enjoyable to see prof…Read More

  2. What Is Kathak Dance? Part 2

    For many people, the art of Bollywood dancing is a spectacle of movement and emotion. No other dance form seems to capture the wonder and intrigue of Indian dance. In fact, Bollywood dance is often a hybrid of many of India’s most influential dance styles. Like Bharatnatyam dancing, Kathak is a classical dance form, one of the eight major styles. Deriving from the word katha, which translates to…Read More

  3. What Is Kathak Dance? Part 1

    For many spectators, the art of Bollywood dance is a collection of pleasing movements and fantastic visual stimulations. Indeed, much of Bollywood dancing is a hybrid of India’s rich history. As a proprietor of riveting Bollywood dance classes, Shingari’s School of Rhythm is no stranger to the vibrant tapestry that Indian dance has painted throughout history. Similar to Bharatnatyam dancing, K…Read More

  4. How Bollywood Dancing Benefits Your Body

    There is an exciting dance craze that has swept over much of the United States. People of all ages are enthralled with Bollywood dancing and the Indian dance culture. Because of this, Bollywood dance classes are now being offered in earnest. Shingari’s School of Rhythm is one such establishment, and we offer the most exciting dance lessons available. Our entrancing classes get you moving and enj…Read More

  5. Book Your Private Dance Lessons For Your Event

    There aren’t enough hours in the day. Many people can agree with this sentiment. At Shingari’s School of Rhythm, we couldn’t agree more! Our weekly Bollywood dance classes are amazing for learning the craft and staying in shape, but many people are simply too busy to make it work. SSR offers private dance lessons for groups and individuals that want to move with the music but aren’t able t…Read More

  6. Discovering Bharatanatyam

    What is Bharatanatyam? Bharatanatyam is a style of Indian dance. It's though to be the oldest style, in fact, and originated in Hindu temples in the southern part of India. Because of its origins in the temples, it was traditionally used as a way to communicate religion concepts and stories and wasn't performed outside of the temples until the 20th Century. While it's just one of the many styles …Read More

  7. Why Bollywood Dancers Have Bells on Their Ankles

    When it comes to our Bollywood dance classes, we incorporate traditional costumes into our performances. There are a number of pieces that are synonymous with Bollywood dancing, such as the beautiful silk saris and ornate jewelry. But one piece that gets a lot of attention are the ankle bells. These bells are called "ghunghroo" and they are very important to the art of Bollywood dancing. Why Dance…Read More

  8. The Importance of Hands in Bollywood Dancing

    In our Bollywood dance classes, our students learn the importance that every part of the body plays. One of the most important body parts in Bollywood dancing is the hands. Hands are used to tell a story, and there are many movements in Bollywood dancing that are almost like sign language. They help the viewer understand more about the story and help convey some of the emotion. These hand gestures…Read More

  9. We Offer Franchises for Our Bollywood Dance School

    Bollywood dance classes are becoming more and more popular within the United States. We've seen in increase in the number of people joining the classes in our schools in Texas, California, and Illinois and now we're looking for people interested in joining our franchise and opening a Shingari's School of Rhythm of their own. Why Bollywood Dancing Is Gaining in Popularity There seem to be a number …Read More

  10. Our Dancers Are Available for Your Next Event

    Bollywood dancing is as much fun to perform as it is to watch. The music, movement, and costumes that make up Bollywood dancing are vibrant and exciting. Many of the people who take our Bollywood dance classes go on to join in our performing groups, bringing the beauty and excitement of Bollywood dancing to events across the nation. With locations in Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, an…Read More