1. How Bollywood Dancing Benefits Your Body

    There is an exciting dance craze that has swept over much of the United States. People of all ages are enthralled with Bollywood dancing and the Indian dance culture. Because of this, Bollywood dance classes are now being offered in earnest. Shingari’s School of Rhythm is one such establishment, and we offer the most exciting dance lessons available. Our entrancing classes get you moving and enj…Read More

  2. Book Your Private Dance Lessons For Your Event

    There aren’t enough hours in the day. Many people can agree with this sentiment. At Shingari’s School of Rhythm, we couldn’t agree more! Our weekly Bollywood dance classes are amazing for learning the craft and staying in shape, but many people are simply too busy to make it work. SSR offers private dance lessons for groups and individuals that want to move with the music but aren’t able t…Read More